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How to Choose the Right Towing Company in Ottawa

Usually, when you require a towing service, it’s under less than relaxing circumstances. When you need to think on your feet, it’s important to know the steps to choosing the best towing company. Choosing the right company is a simple process, which can really help you out when you’re in a difficult situation. By thinking ahead you will arm yourself with the knowledge of who to call in the event that your car breaks down.

The first step is to search for towing companies in your city. A great towing company 5 hours away from you won’t be beneficial when you need it most. A quick search online will allow you to read reviews about the companies in your area. Ideally, you want a company with at least an average review of 4 stars. Read the most helpful reviews to get an idea of customer service, price, and professionalism. Additionally, ask your family and friends if they can recommend good towing companies to you. This is the best way to find any company because the review you receive from a family member or friend will be the most honest.

Look at the average reviews when searching online, rather than focusing on the best or the worse. Usually a person can’t get a general idea of a company as a whole based off either of these two extreme personal experiences. However, if there are many bad reviews, you can go ahead and cross that company off the list. It will be easy to tell if a company has poor customer service, for example, if there are multiple reviews of displeased customers writing about less than ideal experiences with the company.

Once you collect a few companies that have good reviews, start calling each one in order to speak to someone in person. This is when you can ask about pricing, location, availability, and get a feel for the professionalism of the towing company. If you have a long commute or like to travel, ask the customer service rep of each company what distance they will cover. This is an important question for people who require the additional distance.

The most frequently asked question is this: “Is this towing company open 24 hours a day?” Many towing companies are, but not all of them. Towing services are needed any time, day or night. Your car will break down regardless of how dark it is outside. Spend a little time speaking with the representative to get all of these questions answers. Think of anything else that may be relevant to you and your lifestyle. Tell them what kind of car or truck you drive to ensure they can in fact tow it for you when the time comes. Planning ahead can seem annoying in the moment, but it is always worth it when an emergency inevitably occurs. 

Of course, if you want to save time finding the right towing company in Ottawa, just call us at Canadian Towing at (613) 519-0312 🙂

Ottawa Police Reporting Collision Centres

Accidents happen, that’s one reason we are in business after all! In most cases, vehicle accidents are minor and result in damage to the vehicle and the drivers' ego most often. If you happen to be in an accident and no one got hurt, Ottawa Police Services will request that you and the other party report to one of the three available centre’s near your accident location. Since accidents can occur anytime, each centre is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. For complete information, please do take a moment to visit the Ottawa Police Service Collision Reporting Centres webpage.

Canadian Towing Service is here to help the Ottawa community in every capacity possible, so if you are in a fender bender and need help, you can always give us a call to tow your vehicle to any location, including one of the three PRC centres located in the area. We will answer any questions you have regarding the process, and we have a helpful guide to give you an idea what to expect.

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Ottawa Safe Winter Driving Tips From Canadian Towing Service

canadian towing tow truck in Ottawa during winter

Winter is here whether we like or not, and in many parts of Canada, there is a lot of snow already dusting the roads. Safe driving is an important part of being on the road, but drivers need to pay special attention to road conditions during the winter and inclement weather to make sure everyone has a safe trip. In the winter, driving is much more hazardous owing in part to the longer periods of darkness, and the varied forms of extreme weather that are often seen in the Ottawa area. Over the last few years, there have been several instances of floods and extended heavy snowfall. 

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Affordable Montreal to Ottawa Towing

Need a long-distance tow? YES, we do towing from Montreal to Ottawa and vice-versa! The trip between the two major Canadian cities is very common and we often get calls from customers who need a tow from one city to the next. 

Ever experienced having problems in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps, your car broke down or you had a flat tire and you have nowhere else to go? This can be quite concerning especially when you don’t have any idea what went wrong with your vehicle. Or maybe, you just don’t have the right tools with you.

In addition to this, you might already be wondering how much will the towing service get? Or how are you going to get to work on the next day or who is going to pick up your kids? For these scenarios, we suggest that you don’t get too frustrated.

For everything that concerns your car issues, we make sure to provide you with comprehensive services when it comes to roadside assistance. With our team of passionate experts, you can guarantee that you are in the right hands.

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8 Tips to Avoid Towing Scams in Ottawa

There are Tow Truck Scams?

It’s been such a problem in Ottawa that as of January 1st of this year, towing companies are now subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Protection Act of 2002. They are required to post prices clearly online, provide detailed invoices and disclose all locations. But even with all these precautions, fraudulent activity continues to occur.

It is speculated that the incident allows a certain range of under the table crime since most of the time, you’re out of options when you call for a tow truck. Even though it’s easy to just take the first option that pops up on your smartphone, it’s safer to know the signs of a possible scam. These scams lead to crazy inflated prices that take their victims by surprise.

What Can I Watch Out For?

To best protect your wallet from fraud or inflated fees, you need to make sure you understand the parameters of the interaction and how to steer clear of any shady pitfalls.

Tip 1

Ensure you know exactly who you’re working with and what their fees are. If they don’t have a website that clearly states those prices, they can change their mind anytime they’d like. Without a written contract, with your signature and no named price, the freedom is theirs to lay down the parameters. When seeking assistance, be sure to define these limits and rules before anything else occurs.

Tip 2

If the need for flat tire repair or roadside assistance was due to an accident, you will want to make sure your insurance covers the towing service. Understanding how your insurance deals with towing will help you make a better decision. They will likely cover trustworthy companies and will likely cover a portion of the expected costs.

Tip 3

Although showing up to save the day is a great moment in movies, it’s scarier in reality. If someone shows up to help you, unsolicited, it is best to not accept these services. Even though they seem like a nice towing operator, this miraculous gesture may be in hopes of pocketing extra cash.

Tip 4

If you’ve found a company to work with, make sure to get all the transactions on paper. You will want note of all fees including company name, storage, towing and other possible miscellaneous charges. These fees may change without notice if they are not secured in writing. At Canadian Towing, they guarantee to provide all of the above without question for tow services and roadside assistance.

Tip 5

Other than getting a copy of the itemized receipt, you want to be sure you know where your car is going. There have been severe scam cases in Ottawa that have resulted in full auto theft. This is another item that is good to get in writing.

Tip 6

When you contact the company, be sure to ask for a truck description. When the tow truck shows up to help with tire repair or just getting your car out of a sticky situation, double check the company name on the side or lookout for clear markings.

Tip 7

If you have already contacted the company but still things seem shady, don’t hesitate to contact the police department. Refusing to provide receipts, leave the scene or comply with regulations is major red flag behavior and should be alerted to the authorities immediately.

Tip 8

There have been instances of tow truck bandits collecting personal information to complete insurance type scams later. They only need your name and contact information, beyond that may be infringing and dangerous. If they try to get more, call your insurance company and be sure they give the go ahead to relay claim numbers.

Stay Safe and Save Money

As a consumer, you need to know your rights just in case something happens. These scams may seem farfetched, but there have been numerous instances over the past years. If you’ve fallen victim to these scams you may want to contact a fraud department or the Better Business Bureau to get your money back. Contesting ill charges is always a wise decision.

There are so many companies out there, it can be hard to differentiate the trustworthy ones. Canadian Towing has maintained a positive reputation amongst their customers for their adherence to regulations and their kind service. If you’re a local to the Ottawa area, you may find this company a perfect hero to a tough situation.

Everything You Need to Know About Tire Replacement and Flat Tire Repair

When Murphy’s Law Strikes

You are on the way to a crucial interview that could decide the path of your future when the unexpected strikes. You hit a hitch in the road and that one tire, the same one you thought about replacing last week, makes a horrible sound. Suddenly you’re thudding down the road and in your mind that successful handshake of a new job is fading out like a bad movie.

Your vehicle is important and although tires are replaceable, axles and brakes can be affected by ruined tired and lead to a lot more expensive jobs or tow truck fees. In the most severe cases, ignoring a tire that needs repair can lead to an accident. In the event of the worst possible scenario, you should know what to do when a tire goes out.

What to do in the Event of Tire Damage

There are many causes that can lead to the need for tire repair. In the event of an unexpected flat or tire damage, unless you carry patch supplies or a jack with you, you may need to enlist the help of roadside assistance. In Ottawa, one of the best companies to speak to is Canadian Towing Ottawa. They offer a towing service that can get you out of a rough spot in a jiffy.

If you have the faculties to patch or replace the tire yourself, be sure to follow safety procedures and move your car out of the road to lessen risk. If you’re using patch supplies to fix a flat, running soapy water over the tire surface can help identify the hole. If you are using a jack stand to replace the tire, make sure you don’t lose any nuts or bolts since without them the tire will fling itself off again.

How to Change a Tire

If you have the right tools, you may be able to get yourself on the road again quick. You will need:

  • Lug wrench
  • Spare tire, that is fully inflated
  • Jack
  • Vehicle manual
  • Wheel wedges
  • Gloves
  • 2×6 cut of wood to help secure the jack

After you’ve moved your car to the wayside, turn it off and apply your parking brake; then you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Apply the wheel wedges behind or in front of your tires.

Step 2

Remove the wheel cover or hub cap.

Step 3

Loosen all the lug nuts by turning them counterclockwise. You may need to use incredible force here, we recommend throwing your body weight into it. Do not however, remove the lug nuts. That’s later.

Step 4

Jack up the vehicle. You will need to place it beneath the frame, alongside the affected tire. You’ll want to lift the car about 6 inches off the ground.

Step 5

Unscrew all the lug nuts and remove the tire now.

Step 6

Place the spare on the lug bolts and push until it goes through. Now place all the lug nuts back and tighten them by hand.

Step 7

Lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts with the wrench. Then you can replace the wheel cover and be on your way.

Do I need a Tire Replacement or just Flat Tire Repair?

Sometimes tire damage falls in the grey area of not too good, but not too bad. This can leave some confusion on whether you need a repair or replacement. This decision is ultimately up to the type of tire you are using and if you purchased a warranty. There are certain types of tires that are easier to repair than others, so you may want to call your go-to mechanic to double check. Sometimes it can be easier to patch, but you may be at risk of tire failure or a blowout. Be sure to assess your risk before proceeding.

How Often do I Need to Replace Tires?

Even if you have not run over glass or sharp objects, your tires can still blowout if they are too old. Generally, they should be replaced every 6 years. Tires that are too worn down don’t even stand a chance against potholes. The weather in Ottawa is always an accident waiting to happen. To avoid the need for flat tire repair, look out for the signs of old age or keep time on your tires. Side bulging indicates that the tires need to be replaced immediately.

What if I Can’t Change the Tire? 

If you are stranded, in an accident, or simply woke up to a flat tire, you’re going to need to get that fixed before you can get on with your day. Sometimes you may not have the right tools to get the job done, but Canadian Towing in Ottawa has you covered. They’re a fully licensed company that provides roadside assistance and has a tow truck fleet ready to go. They can even assist with lockouts.


5 Reasons You May Need Roadside Assistance in Ottawa

Getting stranded can be a scary experience. When your car mysteriously stops working or you need flat tire repair, leaving you stranded on a busy highway or country back road, a roadside assistance team is great for getting you back on your way. Having road assistance with a tow truck through a towing service and a flat tire repair team on call in Ottawa is great for many reasons:

1.Running Out of Gas

It happens to the best of us. While bouncing from errand to errand on a tight timeline, it’s easy to forget about an empty gas tank. Unfortunately, everyone’s bound to run out of gas sometime.

Without roadside assistance, you’re in big trouble when you run out of gas. You may even have to resort to pushing your vehicle to the closest gas station, or calling a tow truck from a towing service to come pick you up. Most roadside assistance companies have gas delivery features, making that nightmarish situation quite a bit simpler.

2.Ottawa Winters Make Icy Roads

Especially in Ottawa, icy roads become incredibly perilous, and it’s easy to slip and slide right off the road. Whether you find yourself stranded on the shoulder of the road, faced the wrong way on a highway, or deep in the ditch next to the road, you’re in a dangerous situation without a tow truck.

After an ice slip in Ottawa, you might find yourself stuck waiting on a friend to come pick you up with no plan of how to handle your car. A roadside assistance team can help tow your car back to where it belongs.

3.Lost or Locked Keys

While it might feel embarrassing in the moment, you’re far from the first (or the last) to lock your keys in your car. This mistake is a surprisingly common one throughout the world. You’re left staring at your keys through your window, frustratingly unable to reach them.

Car locksmiths from roadside assistance companies are skilled in opening car doors in safe ways to get your keys back in your hand without the use of a tow truck or any towing service.

4.Flat Tires Can Stop You in Your Tracks

Tire problems account for over 50% of roadside breakdowns. Many things can cause a flat tire, but the final result is the same—you and your car stranded on the side of the road. While it’s possible to do some flat tire repair on your own, it’s a difficult and confusing, especially for someone who hasn’t done any flat tire repair before. The entire tire repair process becomes near impossible in the dark or during bad weather. Flat tire repair is a great way to get you back on your way.

Many assistance teams offer tire repair or can help you replace the tire with the spare. Flat tire repair can help you get back on Ottawa roads quickly and easily.

5.Mechanical Issues and Accidents Can Make Cars Undrivable

As with any machine, cars are sometimes liable to develop random faults and issues. When problems develop, you’re left stuck. Accidents can also make a car unable to travel from point A to point B. Both situations are frightening, and without the right tow truck team, you can be left stranded and scared.

A tow truck from a roadside team can help get you and your car to a trusted and reputable mechanic in Ottawa.

For A Tow Truck and Towing Service You Can Trust, Call the Canadian Towing Service

Canadian Towing Service offers compassionate, professional roadside assistance 24/7 around the Ottawa area. They strive a variety of affordable and fast towing services, including emergency towing and long-distance towing for cars or motorcycles. Canadian Towing Service also offers 24/7 road assistance with help for flat tire repair or a tow truck through their towing service.

For roadside assistance Ottawa trusts, talk to the experts at Canadian Towing Service. Explore to see the full extent of their services.

What is Flat Tire Repair and Do I Need It?

Getting a flat tire in Ottawa can be a real hassle. Though tires are tough and meant to withstand rough conditions, they can be punctured by road hazards like nails, sharp curbs, broken glass, and potholes. No matter what may have caused it, the result ends up the same—a mess of a tow truck, money, and time.

Needing flat tire repair leaves you in a bit of a pinch. First, you need to figure out how to get your car from its current spot to a mechanic; unless you have enough know-how to do some flat tire repair on your own, you’ll be stuck calling a towing service for a tow truck to pick you up. Once you’re at the mechanic, it seems like your only option is outright replacing your tire with an expensive duplicate.

For many tires, there’s another option: flat tire repair.

What is Flat Tire Repair?

Flat tire repair is just what the name implies. If the puncture wound or leak spot is small enough, a roadside assistance team can fix the tire you already have rather than replace the tire altogether.

The process of flat tire repair is relatively straightforward. First, experts from roadside assistance will inspect the tire for signs of wear, damage, or previous repairs. Then they’ll identify the source of the flat tire. If they assess the tire as capable of being repaired, they’ll install a plug or patch that will seal the tire. Once that is placed, the tire will be back up to industry standards. With the plug or patch set, they’ll inflate the tire to the psi suggested by the manufacturer’s recommendations. With all those steps finished, the tire will be reinstalled onto the car, and you’ll be ready to go back on those Ottawa roads.

Why is Repair Better Than Replacement?

Flat tire repair is often the best option if it is available for your tire. There are many reasons why repair is better than replacement, including:

  • Many tires end up being replaced before the end of their usefulness due to a puncture, a leak, or some natural wear. By replacing these tires early, you lose out on part of your investment as perfectly good time with your tires is wasted, and won’t pay for the service of a tow truck.
  • By replacing early rather than repairing, your tire is also prematurely discarded. While many tire recycling efforts are in effect, there’s still a very good chance that your useable tire will be sent to a tire dump.
  • Rather than shelling out money you may not have for a tow truck service and a full tire replacement, you’re able to spend less in the moment and better understand when your tire will need to be replaced, allowing you to put money aside and save up for the purchase.

Who Do I Call for Flat Tire Repair?

The flat tire repair Ottawa uses is Canadian Towing Service. Their roadside assistance team or tow trucks can meet you anywhere in the Ottawa area 24/7. At Canadian Towing Service, we understand how scary it can be to be stuck on a road with a flat tire, especially at night or during bad weather. That’s why our compassionate, professional roadside assistance and tow truck team will find you quickly and get you back to Ottawa in no time.

If your tire is a bit past repair, don’t sweat it—our emergency towing truck team will get you to a mechanic safely. Canadian Towing Service also offers roadside assistance for gas delivery, jump starts, or car lockouts. Our tow truck can pick up cars after an accident or flat tire for emergency towing or long-distance towing.

Canadian Towing Service is the roadside assistance team Ottawa trusts. Explore our website to see a full list of services and register our phone number (613-869-2323) so we can come by and repair your flat tire as quickly and simply as possible!

Advice for Choosing the Right Car Towing Service

Unexpected car troubles such as a flat tire or empty gas tank can leave us stranded on the side of the road. When family and friends are unable to come to our rescue, we must resort to a car towing service. With our unlimited options, there are important things to consider in order to choose the towing company. Following the advice that follows will get you on the right track to choosing the right car towing service available to you.


There is no such thing as too much research! Conducting the research now will save you time and money as opposed to finding a towing company when the disaster hits. Begin with a simple search on your favorite search engine on local towing companies. Start familiarizing yourself with available options; compare and contrast them to get a better feel of which ones sound reliable as opposed to the ones you should stay away from.

As you search and review different car towing services in your area, consider the following:

  • Experience – above everything else comes experience. When was this company founded? Decide on a towing service that has plentiful years of knowledge and expertise. Read through their online reviews and ratings to see what customers have to say about them. Customer reviews and testimonials are good indicators if the service is worth trying or if it’s better to pass up their services.
  • Cost – know what you are paying for. Consider all services offered to determine if you’re making a good investment. In addition, find out the distance in miles that the towing company is able to take your vehicle. Do you pay for services upfront or will your insurance company be covering the costs? Consider these questions before making a final decision.
  • Availability – because disaster can strike at any given moment, choosing a towing company that is available 24/7 is recommended. Assure yourself that they offer roadside assistance among other services such as the changing of a tire, jump starting your vehicle, or helping you out if you’re running low on gas.
  • Benefits – many towing companies have perks that distinguish them from competitors. Take the time to speak with a representative to see how their services can benefit you. This will ensure you get the most for your money and make a good choice.
  • Recommendations – along with research, recommendations are good – as long as they’re from people you trust. Not only will you get an idea of services to consider, you will also know which ones to avoid. Many times you will need to search no further as word of mouth from those you trust most is enough!

These factors will help you make an informed decision. Take your time and explore your options before making a final decision. Your safety comes first; you want to rest assured you are in good and capable hands.

About Canadian Towing Service

If you encounter car troubles while traveling through the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canadian Towing Services is a reliable company to call. If your vehicle needs a jump start or it has run out of gas, they will send their team of professionals to assist you. You can expect them to arrive at your location in a prompt manner and be guaranteed you will receive top quality service.

Towing in Ottawa can seem hectic, however, Canadian Towing is available 24/7 to assist drivers with any car complication they may have. Their towing and roadside assistance services are highly rated, with great customer reviews and testimonials. Even during embarrassing situations such as locking your keys in the car, this company is equipped with car locksmiths to get you back on the road. Car lockouts are very common and they are composed of certified, skilled team of locksmiths.

For more information on this towing service, visit their website online at or speak personally to a representative to learn more about how they stand out from other towing services nearby.

How to Stay Safe in Ottawa While Waiting for 24 Hour Towing

No one enjoys car troubles, yet they are common occurrences that happen to the best of us. Awaiting the service of a tow truck can take hours. Since we never know when our beloved vehicles will decide to give up on us it’s important to be well prepared for these unpredictable occurrences. Perhaps you have a bad tire, ran out of gas, or locked your keys in the car. Any of these situations are time consuming and tiresome. Above everything else, we need to prioritize our safety and take caution until the tow truck arrives.

Being stranded on the side of the road can turn into a dangerous situation since we don’t know who’s in the area or what their intentions are. Perhaps the weather is not cooperating and a storm is about to strike. No matter the case, your safety is a priority. Taking the following safety measures are important while waiting for 24-hour towing.

  • Be visible – immediately after your vehicle is parked safely on the side of the road, call your towing provider. Do your absolute best to park someplace where other drivers can see you; the last thing you want is you or your car getting hit. If possible, turn your hazard lights on and avoid parking on a hill or locations where you’re difficult to be seen.
  • Ask questions – when speaking with the dispatcher, assure yourself that you know who is coming to your rescue and what their license plate numbers are. When the tow truck driver arrives, verify that all information is correct before giving any personal information or getting into the vehicle.
  • Stay in your car – unless you accidentally locked yourself out of your car, remain in it. Lock the doors and wait. If you locked your keys inside, walk over to a public facility – if this is an option. Finding a safe location to wait will make you feel more comfortable and secure. Ultimately, you need to use good judgment and decide where you would feel most safe waiting.
  • Use good judgment – it’s time to put your thinking cap on and think clearly. Be sure you don’t accept a ride from nearby drivers. Also, do not let young children leave the vehicle without your supervision. Stay near them at all times and reassure them everything is okay.

Following these safety tips and advice when waiting for the tow truck to arrive is a smart decision to ensure ultimate safety for you and passengers. No one should have to handle such an unnerving situation alone. Finding a reliable towing service to confide in needs to be at the top of your list.

About Canadian Towing Service

Canadian Towing Service is a fully licensed company that provides road and towing services. They are a reliable company that you can trust, who understand the frustrating nature of having car troubles. No one likes to be stranded on the side of the road and Canadian Towing does everything in their power to get to individual’s home or back on the road as quickly as possible.

Among their many services, Canadian Towing does a remarkable job in the following:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Flat tires
  • Out of gas
  • Jump start
  • Car Locksmith
  • 24-hour towing services

Whether you misplaced your keys, ran out of gas, or were left with a drained battery, this Ottawa towing service does an efficient job of getting you back on the road safely or taking you home. They understand that things happen and common mistakes such as these can turn into scary situations.

Canadian Towing Service rises above local competitors because of their ability to handle stressful situations such as these to make drivers feel secure. They are comprehensive, reliable, timely, and more importantly, affordable. Contact them today for more information to learn how they can be of help in stressful road circumstances.