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Canadian Towing Ottawa is the fastest and most reliable towing service in Ottawa, ON.

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We understand that vehicle troubles can happen at the most inconvenient times. That's why we're ready and equipped to tow your car whenever you need us. Our professional and reliable towing services are just a phone call away.

Towing Services in Ottawa, ON

Canadian Towing Ottawa is operated by a team of experienced roadside assistance professionals. Click on any of
our services below to learn more about how we can help you get your car back on the road.

Roadside Assistance

At Canadian Towing, we know there is nothing worse than getting stranded on the road. Few people carry the tools they need to fix even the simplest problems their cars may have, even if they do know how to do their own basic car repairs.
That is why we offer a wide host of low-cost roadside assistance. Virtually, all of the services that we offer, we offer as roadside assistance. Whether your car has stalled, your car battery has died, you ran out of gas, you got a flat tire, or you got locked out of your car, give us a call and we will send out our team!
We’re also available in an emergency, offering 24/7 roadside services because we know that as bad as it is to get stranded, it is even worse when it happens overnight when you are even less likely to find help.
We also offer Ontario roadside assistance outside of Ottawa! If you are in the Ontario region, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will send our team out to you as fast as possible.

Jump Start

We’ve probably all done it at least once – left our headlights on or an interior light on and killed our battery. Even if it is something less careless than that, such as corrosion or a failing alternator, battery issues are common problems we have all experienced.
But what happens when you’re not at home or can’t find a friend or co-worker to give you a jump? Or what if you are a bit under prepared and don’t have your own set of jumper cables? Whatever the reason, if your car battery has failed but you are not close to getting help or do not have jumper cables, we are happy to send one of our friendly, expert technicians to give your vehicle a jump start.
We want to get you on your way quickly, so we promise fast arrival when you give us a call.

Out of Gas Service

There is nothing more frustrating and embarrassing than misjudging how far your tank can take you, or, worse yet, having a faulty fuel gauge and running out of gas. Even if there is a gas station within a mile, that is a long round trip on foot to go fetch some, and rather futile if you don’t happen to have a gas canister with you.
One of the most popular and unique services we offer is our roadside assistance gas refuelling service! So, if you find yourself running out of gas, don’t take a hike or feel like you must hitch a ride with strangers! Give us a call and we will promptly send help to you and have you on your way in now time!

24 Hour Towing Service

Above all else, at Canadian Towing we pride ourselves in our Ottawa towing and roadside assistance customer care. We truly do believe in putting the customer first and being there when you need us.
As such, we are pleased to offer 24-hour emergency services, because we all know, as stressful as car trouble is, there is nothing worse than when it strikes in the middle of the night or during off hours when friends, family and most services are nearly impossible to reach. Our Ottawa towing service won’t leave you stranded no matter what time, day or night, no matter what day of the week. We will send our friendly team out to get you back on your way and off the streets as fast as possible.
We offer:

24 hr towing service
24 hr roadside assistance
24 hr refueling service
24 hr flat tire replacement service

Whatever you and your car find yourselves in during the middle of the night, give our Ottawa towing team a call. We will help you out! Use this if you need to report a car accident in Ottawa. Canadian Towing is proud to service the Ottawa region with the fastest, most cost-effective, comprehensive and customer-friendly service that we possibly can. Allow us to be your Ottawa towing and roadside assistance team for all your car troubles and needs.
We know it can be hard to trust any type of auto service company, including towing and roadside assistance services. Maybe you have been burned before by dishonest practices, unfair pricing, and poor or even rude customer service. We want to assure you that here at Canadian Towing, we practice a fixed price policy and honest pricing so that you won’t have any nasty surprises. We also pride ourselves on having an expertly qualified and friendly team. We want our team to help improve your already bad situation, not make it worse.
Give us a call today and we’ll come to help you out!

Specialty Towing Services

These are the specialty towing services we offer. Please click on one of the services below to learn more:

- Electric Car Towing
- Heavy Duty Towing
- Private Towing
- Accident and Collision Towing
- Flatbed Towing
- Corporate Towing
- Long-Distance Towing
- Winching Service
- Motorcycle Towing
- Specialty Vehicle Towing
- Vehicle Storage

Heavy Towing Services

Canadian Towing specializes in heavy towing including off-road or emergency services. Our tow trucks have the capacity to haul your truck, semi, or SUV. For more information about our towing services please call us at (613) 869-2323.

Have more questions? We can help! Get in touch by calling us at (613) 869-2323 or filling out our online form.

Customer Reviews

659 reviews on
Tom Woo
Tom Woo
Honest. Good price. Very helpful driver.
Danielle Roy
Danielle Roy
Flat tire on a Ferrari at 10pm Saturday night on our way back to Montreal. Canadian Towing came to the rescue! Great services and amazing staffs, thank you Younes!
Adam Nichol
Adam Nichol
John is an angel
Joseph Defina
Joseph Defina
Car broke down this morning on Bank St. Canadian Towing sent me help within half an hour to have my car towed to my mechanic. Excellent, speedy service.
Sophie Cleroux
Sophie Cleroux
Hello, I just used this service and Josh helped me out very professional and very fast service. I was very impressed. I must say I strongly recommend them in stressful situation when you are stuck on the side of the road thank you very much.
Millie Close
Millie Close
Awesome service, huge thank you to Lee who picked up my car during rush hour from the middle of the Carleton University campus which can be tough to navigate at the best of times! Canadian Towing managed to get me and my car to the garage safely and quickly before it closed up for the day!
Lindsay Calder
Lindsay Calder
Amazing service from Josh. Second time he has towed a motorcycle for me and this guy is so meticulous with his care of my bike. Highly recommended them for their quick and professional service.
Samuel P-G
Samuel P-G
Fantastic service 😁
Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy
Thanks Nolan for the tow was incredibly fast and professional will definitely recommend Canadian towing for this kind of service
Sara Smith
Sara Smith
Had the pleasure of dealing with Jon for a tire change. He was super quick, very knowledgeable, and polite. Keep up the good work!

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A team of roadside assistance professionals operates Canadian Towing Ottawa. We have ten tow trucks throughout Ottawa and the surrounding area, ready to serve you. Canadian Towing launched the business in Ottawa in May 2015 and has been incorporated since December 2015.

Canadian Towing is located at 1600 Michael St Ottawa. We are about 20 minutes from the Ottawa International Airport (YOW). We are open 24/7. For additional questions, call us at (613) 869-2323 or find us on Facebook or Yellow Pages.

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Our team is avilable rain or shine, at any time of night.

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Our team uses the best and most up-to-date tow trucks available.

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We will tell you what's happening with your car during each step of the process.

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Canadian Towing Ottawa is the fastest and most reliable towing service in Ottawa, ON.