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Towing and Transport of Specialty Vehicles in Ottawa

Canadian Towing Service’s Specialty Vehicle Towing

Do you have an exotic car that you need to have moved from without adding mileage? Are you a classic car collector? Perhaps you have a custom vehicle that you need careful towing for service, or for a show? Do you have a special vintage car that needs to be moved cautiously in or around Ottawa? Well, you have come to the right place, because along with being good at what we do, we also love towing specialty vehicles.

Here at Canadian Towing Service, we have a range of affordable options available to those who are in need professional transport or towing for their specialty vehicle. We value your time and your business, as such, we can assure you that each of our towing options is extremely safe for your vehicle, and our delivery to your desired location will always be on time.

Our versatile fleet is able to accommodate your specialty vehicle and transport it cross country,  to and from the garage, or even to a car show and back home safe again. The professional towing staff at Canadian Towing Service are more than just polite and courteous. 

a specialty vehicle being towed in Ottawa

The Best Towing Rates for Your Specialty Vehicle!

All of our tow truck drivers are both licensed and insured and have a great deal of experience towing specialty vehicles. Everyone on our team is committed to providing the highest quality specialty car towing Ottawa has available. We have a range of tow trucks, including zero-gravity flatbeds, and each truck is fully equipped with the tools needed to load and unload your specialty vehicle without any form of damage. That means your vehicle will arrive in the same condition as when it was loaded. We do understand that accidents can happen, we wouldn’t be here if they didn’t, but our company is fully insured to handle any cost that may arise in the event that there are any unfortunate accidents.

Canadian Towing Service is able to tow more than just classic cars. Our towing professionals are trained in safely transporting a range of specialty vehicles, such as project cars,  race cars, show cars, antique cars and so many more. We have a passion for fine vehicles, and we will always treat yours with the utmost respect, at heart we are motor vehicle enthusiast, not just transportation experts. If you are in need of safe, affordable, and efficient specialty vehicle transport services, give one of our helpful representatives all call. We will coordinate with you regarding our various towing options, which include flatbed services, to find what best suits your needs, so we can get you to your desired destination.

You should only entrust your specialty vehicle to a company who has a keen interest in exotic cars, and a passion for providing quality services for luxury or custom vehicles. When you call Canadian Towing Service, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your peace of mind while we take care of the safety and logistics of transporting your precious cargo.

As a special bonus for our exotic vehicle owners, Canadian Towing Service will give you a 20% discount on our towing package if you allow your specialty car to be photographed while it's being loaded onto one of our labeled fleet tow trucks. Give us a call to find out more today!