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Secure Vehicle Storage With Canadian Towing Service

Are you going out of town and a need a safe place to store your car, truck, motorcycle or family car? Maybe you just have and an extra vehicle you don’t use and want to put it in a place where it won’t be exposed to the elements. Our highly trained staff will take good care of your vehicle, and we will even start it several times during extended storage periods to assure that your battery and engine remain in proper working order.

Canadian Towing Service offers both indoor and outdoor parking, and both sections of our facility are equally secure. We offer a full-service storage package, so we can transport your vehicle from its current location to our secured facility at an affordable rate. You no longer have to worry about coming home to flat tires, faded paint, and a weather marked finish when you entrust your vehicle to our professional care.

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Store Your Vehicle Safely and Securely!

Our storage spaces are able to accommodate motorcycles, show cars, regular cars, SUV’s, station wagons, trailers and even recreational vehicles. Canadian Towing Service of Ottawa is equipped with a wide range of widths and lengths to comfortable fit different size vehicles with ease.  We are happy to give you a tour of our facility to ensure that our space will meet your needs, and when you realize you have found the right vehicle storage unit for your car, van, ATV, truck, or motorcycle you can call us to reserve it with no hassles. We have the right vehicle storage rental for you if you are seeking to store your car for just a short period, or if you are in need of longer-term vehicle storage accommodations.

We service all of Ottawa, and with more than 120 spaces, we are confident that our lots will me your needs. It doesn’t matter why you need storage, or for how long, we can tailor a package that fits your budget without breaking the bank. There is no point taking a chance with the city and parking your vehicle on the street for extended periods, and there is no reason to let your car get damaged by the elements due to long periods if disuse. Skip the tickets and the faded paint by contacting Canadian Towing Service. Our courteous staff is standing by to inform you of the various benefits of placing your unused car, truck, van, RV or motorcycle in storage as opposed to leaving it on the street, or in your yard. We will even help you contact your insurance company so you can cash in on that oh so sweet vehicle storage discount that will help reduce your car insurance premiums.

Canadian Towing Service welcomes storage space inspections and our property manager in charge of space rentals is happy to speak with you in person before renting. When you're ready to store your vehicle, we have you covered, literally.  Get in touch with our office today to find out more.

(613) 869-2323 24 Hour Ottawa Towing Hotline

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