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Move your Vehicle in one of our Ottawa Flatbed Tow Trucks!

old car being towed on flatbed in Ottawa

Canadian Towing Flatbed Towing Service

Everyone faces car trouble at one point in time, but when your specialized vehicle breaks down and needs to be taken for service, most often the best way to get there is by using a flatbed towing service. Hiring flatbed towing for your car will ensure that there is no additional wear and tear during transport, which will also increase your peace of mind.

A lot of towing companies only employ traditional wreckers, however, Canadian Towing Service has a range of flatbed’s in our fleet to suit the various needs of all our local customers. We offer light duty decks that are suitable for regular sized cars, up to 20 thousand pound decks that are able to easily transport medium duty trucks or vehicles. In the Ottawa area, we on one of the only premier companies that offer zero-degree flatbeds for both commercial and private customers.  With our zero-degree flatbed option, our deck lowers completely to the ground which allows your car to be pushed or driven on the bed without the need for awkward inclines. 

Have your car towed with peace of mind!

With Canadian Towing Service, you can call us for a flatbed tow for your automobile any time of the day, and any day of the week. Flatbed towing is the best way to transport electric cars, exotic cars, heavy-duty cars, classics or even performance cars and trucks.

Flatbed towing is not only for specialized vehicles. Anyone can have car trouble, and it can happen anywhere, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.  If your car has broken down, gotten in a fender bender or otherwise become disabled, we are happy to send out one of our flatbed wreckers to move your car to safety, all at a rate that is easy on the wallet.

Canadian Towing Service specializes in prompt, reasonably priced roadside towing services to help provide solutions for whatever car problems you may be facing. Our company has a comprehensive range of services from 24-hour emergency roadside assistance to flatbed towing. Canadian Towing Service is committed to serving the great people of Ottawa.

Regardless of the problem, you may be facing, or where you need your car to be, Canadian Towing Service will quickly dispatch a highly trained towing professional to your location as soon as possible. Here at Canadian Towing Service, we enjoy serving our customers and helping you get your car to where you need it to go. Be it flatbed towing to a repair shop, a car show, or just to another location, we are here to handle all of your flatbed towing needs.  Our trucks will securely tow your vehicle without adding additional strain to your car, which is always best if you happen to be transporting electric or vintage cars.  Our flatbed towing for disabled or otherwise compromised vehicles is just also just as important.

Canadian Towing Service understands that your time is important, as such, we always strive to offer the fastest response time in the Ottawa area, all at rates that are easy on the wallet. Give us a call to set up your flatbed towing today!

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