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Ottawa’s Heavy Duty Towing Specialists are Here to Help!

Heavy Towing and Hauling From Canadian Towing Ottawa

Canadian Towing Service has one of the most diverse fleets of towing vehicles in the Ottawa area. We have a range of light, medium and heavy-duty tow trucks available to services both our regular clients and those who are in need of commercial size towing. The Towing specialist here at Canadian Towing Service is able to reduce the amount of added damage that may occur with heavy towing, and also make sure that the environment is not adversely affected from spills or other contamination.

Canadian Towing Service offers a range of heavy towing services such are large load breakdown towing, and towing for trucks that have become bogged down due to inclement weather or poor road conditions.  Our trucks feature under lift technology, so no matter the weight, we’ve got you covered. We train our operators for the unexpected, so you can rest assured our experience will see you through your current roadside disaster, without additional damage.

With years of experience paired with state of the art equipment, our towing staff is able to offer fast response times at affordable rates. Our fleet includes heavy wreckers for towing semi’s, emergency vehicles and other heavy transports, landrolls and double drops for vehicles that have special dimensions and need to be towed completely off the road, and rotators for special circumstances such as rigs stuck on the side of an embankment.  If you have cargo that is stranded on the road, we are also able to transload your property without breaking the seal so you don’t lose your inventory along with your vehicle. 

a large bus being towed after accident

Trust the Trained Professionals for your Heavy Towing Needs

At Canadian Towing Service, we understand that proper & constant operator training, experience, and superior equipment key factors for our success and as one of the largest towing companies in Ottawa, we pride ourselves in offering nothing but the best for our heavy towing customers.  Our medium and heavy towing units allow us to assist our valued clients with any type of heavy towing recovery project under the sun, be it a school bus stuck in the mud, or an overturned tractor-trailer, Canadian Towing Service will always respond with the right equipment, and experienced tow staff to get you back on the road with as little hassle as  possible.

Our heavy truck towing is not only for emergencies, Canadian Towing Service offers a range of packages for customers who need their heavy items moved from one location to the other. Generator’s, construction cranes, and large stationary equipment are just some of the items we are able to move with our heavy towing trucks. Our rates are comparable, yet affordable on just about any budget. Our company goal is to solve your towing problems and ensure that you are satisfied every time we come out. Give us a call anytime to see how we can help get you where you need to go.

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