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Long Distance Towing Service by Canadian Towing

When it comes to long distance towing, Canadian Towing Service is first in its class. We are experienced in a range of automobile towing services and we also have the extensive experience with long distance towing.

Towing your car, truck or machinery doesn’t have to stress you out or break the bank. Long distance towing across the county, or across the country by Canadian Towing Service is safe and affordable so you can depend on us to get you where you need to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Long distance towing from the scene of a fender bender on the highway to your preferred Ottawa body shop, or long distance flatbed towing from one city to another, Canadian Towing Service is fully equipped to offer services for all your long distance towing needs. With an extensive tow fleet and a full roster of qualified tow professionals, we have everything needed to handle your long distance towing job safely and effectively. Our operators have the required experience to offer long distance towing of everything from exotic cars to custom motorcycles and we promise they will reach their destination in perfect condition.

Canadian Towing truck on way to pick up car for long distance tow

Get a great deal on your long-distance tow!

Thanks to Canadian Towing Service’s high volume we are able to offer the best rates in the Ottawa area. All rates for long distance are offered at a flat rate and are fee-inclusive. The rate is based on distance and measured in kilometers, so you don’t have any hidden fees or surprises waiting at the end of your trip. Rest assured your vehicle is safe as you are hiring a trustworthy company that is licensed and insured.  Paired with our competitive rates that are checked against market norms on a regular basis, we provide quality long distance towing with a friendly touch.

We tow for a wide range of dealerships and offer inclusive long distance towing packages for multiple cars, and we ship to a variety of locations such as:

  • Kingston
  • Quebec City
  • Montreal
  • Moncton
  • North Bay
  • Toronto
  • Quebec City
  • Hamilton
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver
  • Thunder Bay
  • London
  • And many more!

We offer local and long distance towing services, zero-gravity flatbed towing services, roadside emergency services and much more. Whether you require a long distance collision towing services or commercial long distance towing, we are here to make sure the job is done right. Canadian Towing Service will do more than meet your expectations, we will surpass them. We only concentrate on what you need, which is to move your vehicle long distance safely. So if it’s to the next city or across the country, running or disabled, we are able to transport it to you. Give us a call today to get a estimate on your long distance tow today!

(613) 869-2323 24 Hour Ottawa Towing Hotline

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