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The Tow Truck Company You Should Trust With Your Tesla in Ottawa

Safe Electric Car Towing From Canadian Towing Ottawa

There is nothing more important than the environment, and we can understand your commitment judging by your investment in an eco-friendly electric or hybrid vehicle. Canadian Towing Service is equally committed to helping you when you need roadside assistance with your eco-friendly car regardless of where you are located in our service area.

Canadian Towing Service is the premiere hybrid and electric car towing specialist in the Ottawa area. Our towing service professionals are trained to understand the special requirements that need to be followed when towing an electric vehicle. Our staff understands that the majority of hybrids and electric cars are built lower to the ground than standard vehicles, as well as being equipped with non-standard spoilers that improve their performance. As such, Canadian Towing Service is happy to provide zero-degree flatbed towers to safely move your eco-friendly car without risking damage to its unique design.

Our specially trained professionals are skilled at delivering the best results for our Ottawa clients. Canadian Towing Service familiar with a range of towing needs, so you can rest assured that we can handle whatever the road has to offer, keeping you hassle-free the whole ride home.  Canadian Towing Service is also one of the top choices for towing Tesla model electric cars, and we routinely transport Tesla’s under warranty to the repair garage and offer a damage guarantee for each of our electric car clients.  

The inside of a Tesla that is about to be towed

Ottawa Tesla Roadside Assistance

Driving down the road in your Tesla is an amazing experience. These cars are built for durability and reliability but they can run into problems on the road just like any other car. When it comes to our clients, we know just what you need as a Tesla driver. Our dedicated tow specialist will we make sure your car is professionally towed or serviced at the best price possible.

If you find yourself in need of urgent assistance with your Tesla, Canadian Towing Ottawa is here to offer the best roadside assistance in the metro area for your specialty vehicle.  We are one of the premier Tesla roadside assistance service providers in the Ottawa area.

Complete Electric Roadside Solutions

Canadian Towing Service is more than just a simple Ottawa towing service, we are a complete solutions provider for just about any roadside problem you can encounter. Did your electric car run out of charge away from your usual charging point? No problem, we offer specialized zero degree towing, which is essential to protect the specific design of electric cars. Not just any tow truck or wrecker should try to move an electric vehicle, and Canadian Towing Service is the best in the business. Do you need to bring your hybrid or electric car into the garage for scheduled service, or perhaps to have it repaired for damage? Canadian Towing Service has you covered. Just give our office a call to set up a time that works best for you and well be happy to come out, load your eco-friendly care on out zero-degree flatbed, and carefully transport it to the garage of your choice.

When you have an electric car,  you probably don’t think you will have too many of the common problems that come with traditional car ownership. When the unexpected does happen with your Tesla, it can be highly stressful. Not everyone lives near a  repair center which means that you will have to rely on a third-party tow company to get your electric car where it needs to go. The last thing you should have to worry about when your Tesla needs roadside assistance is if the company has experience with electric cars.

graphic showing Canadian Towing roadside assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance by Canadian Towing

To get rid of the guesswork in your time of need, call Canadian Towing Ottawa for all of your urgent Tesla roadside assistance needs. Our highly trained towing specialist and our dedicated towing office support are knowledgeable about Tesla models their specific handling needs. 

Our has a diverse fleet is fully equipped with specialized straps, flatbed haulers, and towing eyes that allow us to move your electric car safely. A few of the Tesla roadside assistance services we offer are:

  • Car Lock Outs

  • Tow to a recharging station

  • Emergency Tire Changes

  • Towing to a Tesla Facility

  • Emergency towing

  • And more!

How We Can Help

Getting in touch with Ottawa  Roadside Assistance is as easy as picking up the phone and calling (phone). Our knowledgeable customer service agents are standing by to dispatch a Tesla safe tow truck with specially trained tow operators to your location offer you assistance with your electric car. If you happened to be in a place or situation where you don’t feel safe, our customer service agent will stay on the phone with you until help arrives.

Our services are affordable and cost-effective. You will never have to deal with hidden charges for surprise services, and our terms and conditions are clean and easy to understand. We make sure that you only pay for services you need, and ones that you actually use. Our customer's satisfaction is our upmost priority, and we guarantee yours. Give Canadian Towing Service a call today to see how we can help you move your electric car. 

Ottawa  Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day. We are here to help if your car runs out of charge in the middle of nowhere, or if you happen to have a flat tire on the way to the office. Regardless of what Tesla issues you may be facing, our professional tow truck drivers are here to get you back on the road. If you are in need of roadside assistance for your Tesla, get in touch with us at (phone) now.  

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