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The best battery jump start service in the Ottawa area!

Canadian Towing Will Boost You Any Day, Any Time

Being stranded on the side of the road no longer needs to be a tragedy as our company is nothing but effective and professional when it comes to boosting your vehicle! With years of experience in the field, our services are rated as some of the best not only in Ottawa but in the neighbouring areas as well. Mishaps often occur on the road, as well as unfortunate events that can affect both your vehicle and your schedule, not to mention your budget. Thankfully, you have an incredible service you can call whenever you find yourself in such a delicate position. The great thing about it is the fact that our experts are able to solve your issues with a minimum impact on your schedule, your vehicle and, most importantly, your budget.

a cool car that needs a battery boost

Here is why you should choose our battery jump start service:

  • Professionalism

Our company has plenty of experience in working with residential and commercial customers alike. Over the years we have gathered enough knowledge and skills in order to be able to deal with any kind of issue, regardless of how complicated it might be.

  • Equipment

One thing that we have learned in working with customers for as long as we have is the fact that experience and expertise can only help you so far. One other feature that our service takes great pride in is the state of the art equipment and tools. You can count on us to have available and use the most modern tools when jump starting your vehicle.

  • Versatility

Flexibility has always been a great attribute of our service. Our company has managed to reach a level where it is able to personalize its services depending on the customer and his issues. On top of that, our professionals are able to boost anything from cars to boats, and this includes light trucks, heavy trucks, farm tractors, excavators, bulldozers and even buses. Regardless if you need a 12v or a 24v boost, we are guaranteed to be able to provide you with the necessary means to get your vehicle on the road again.

  • Safety

Jump starting a vehicle is no child’s play and everyone should be aware of this undeniable fact. However, some daredevils figure that not having the appropriate tools or knowledge is not that big of an impediment in giving someone a battery jump start. These are the exact people whom you should avoid at all costs. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but you could also risk permanent damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, our service guarantees that you get a boost in the safest way possible.

On top of everything, our company is also known for always having fair prices! We don’t like taking advantage of people who are in desperate need of help and that’s exactly why our rates are always reasonable and actually affordable both for residential and commercial customers.

If you are in trouble, just give us a call today and we will make sure to have your car running in no time!

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