How to Choose the Right Towing Company in Ottawa

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Usually, when you require a towing service, it’s under less than relaxing circumstances. When you need to think on your feet, it’s important to know the steps to choosing the best towing company. Choosing the right company is a simple process, which can really help you out when you’re in a difficult situation. By thinking ahead you will arm yourself with the knowledge of who to call in the event that your car breaks down.

The first step is to search for towing companies in your city. A great towing company 5 hours away from you won’t be beneficial when you need it most. A quick search online will allow you to read reviews about the companies in your area. Ideally, you want a company with at least an average review of 4 stars. Read the most helpful reviews to get an idea of customer service, price, and professionalism. Additionally, ask your family and friends if they can recommend good towing companies to you. This is the best way to find any company because the review you receive from a family member or friend will be the most honest.

Look at the average reviews when searching online, rather than focusing on the best or the worse. Usually a person can’t get a general idea of a company as a whole based off either of these two extreme personal experiences. However, if there are many bad reviews, you can go ahead and cross that company off the list. It will be easy to tell if a company has poor customer service, for example, if there are multiple reviews of displeased customers writing about less than ideal experiences with the company.

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Once you collect a few companies that have good reviews, start calling each one in order to speak to someone in person. This is when you can ask about pricing, location, availability, and get a feel for the professionalism of the towing company. If you have a long commute or like to travel, ask the customer service rep of each company what distance they will cover. This is an important question for people who require the additional distance.

The most frequently asked question is this: “Is this towing company open 24 hours a day?” Many towing companies are, but not all of them. Towing services are needed any time, day or night. Your car will break down regardless of how dark it is outside. Spend a little time speaking with the representative to get all of these questions answers. Think of anything else that may be relevant to you and your lifestyle. Tell them what kind of car or truck you drive to ensure they can in fact tow it for you when the time comes. Planning ahead can seem annoying in the moment, but it is always worth it when an emergency inevitably occurs.

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