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two car accident in road

Accidents happen, that’s one reason we are in business after all! In most cases, vehicle accidents are minor and result in damage to the vehicle and the drivers’ ego most often. If you happen to be in an accident and no one got hurt, Ottawa Police Services will request that you and the other party report to one of the three available centre’s near your accident location. Since accidents can occur anytime, each centre is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. For complete information, please do take a moment to visit the Ottawa Police Service Collision Reporting Centres webpage.

Canadian Towing Service is here to help the Ottawa community in every capacity possible, so if you are in a fender bender and need help, you can always give us a call to tow your vehicle to any location, including one of the three PRC centres located in the area. We will answer any questions you have regarding the process, and we have a helpful guide to give you an idea what to expect.

Police are here to help the community, but in cases where this is no harm to one’s person during a fender bender, and both vehicles are still operable, there is no reason for a cruiser to report to the scene of the accident. Though you may not prefer to visit a centre, when you contact police for a minor accident, its most likely that they will direct you a collision reporting centre near your current location. That being said, its best to know what to expect, and what you need to do prior to your arrival.

If you are curious why Ottawa has implemented the use of collision reporting centres, the answer is simple. There are a limited number of police officers, and in an effort to free up their time for more pressing issues, as well as to ease traffic congestion, these centres were created. Drivers like yourself are able to report minor fender benders where there is no bodily harm and create collision reports that are police officer guided, without the need for an officer to be on the scene.

In the event that your car is still in working condition, you may drive yourself, or if you feel more comfortable staying off the road, Canadian Towing Service can transport you to the centre. We will place your car in the serial or other designated areas, and direct you to the reporting station. In some cases, the reporting process can take as little as two hours or as much as six from start to finish.  Since the process is lengthy, we are happy to depart once we drop you off so that you don’t have a bunch of hidden fees due to the wait time. We are also happy to come back out and transport your vehicle to your home, or to a body shop for repair once your reporting process is complete. Even if you drive yourself in, Canadian Towing Service is here to offer you towing services if you feel your vehicle should no longer be on the road after your report has been submitted. If you are in need of help or a tow to or from Ottawa’s Police Collision Reporting Centres, give Canadian Towing Service a call today!

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