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Canadian Towing Parked Car Removal Service

Are you a property owner or property manager who is dealing with someone who has illegally parked on your property? We have the perfect solution for you!

Our parked car removal service has been around for years and so far we have managed to help out several residential customers and quite a few commercial ones as well. Having people randomly park on your property can be somewhat of an inconvenience, especially if that space is destined to other purposes. This unpleasant situation can thankfully be avoided or stopped with the help of our experts.

It’s easy, it’s useful and, most importantly, it does not cost you a thing!

For those property owners or land owners who did not yet know this: parked car removal services do not cost you a single dime! The entire cost of the removal, the storage and the release of the car will be paid by the car owner who, after all, illegally parked his vehicle.

All you need to do is give us a call, fill out the necessary forms for our truck drivers and wait for us to get there and solve this unpleasant issue. If, however, you are not the owner of the property, or the property manager, you will need to get them to sign a letter in which they request our illegal vehicle removal services. Once the paperwork is done, we will make sure to send our drivers so that they can pick up the unwanted vehicles from your property. Again, as we have already mentioned, there is no cost for you for this service, as it will be supported by the car’s owner.

illegally parked car being towed in Ottawa

Rely on us for ongoing parked car removals

Additionally, if this type of problem is recurring and you constantly deal with people who park their cars on your property or parking garage, we can also sign a contract. This arrangement basically means that your property will be checked by our trucks on a daily basis. If they find cars that are illegally parked on your property, they will tow them away. This type of deal is again with no cost coming from you but from the owner of the towed vehicle.

Give us a call and we guarantee:

  • Punctuality

We are never late and we are always capable of working around your desired schedule. You are the one who decides what time we should be there and what time to pick up the illegally parked vehicles. You can rest assured that we will never be late!

  • Professionalism

Towing companies usually have a bad reputation that they tend to get carried away and usually remove more vehicles than they should. However, we are incredibly careful to do our jobs in the most professional way possible. With us, there will be no errors and you will have your property free of illegally parked vehicles.

  • Great customer service

No matter the issue you might have, you can always count on our customer service representatives to answer all your questions, no matter if they are regarding our services or the paperwork.

Give us a call today and see how it feels to have a private property that actually is private!

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