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Parking Garage and Low Clearance Towing By Canadian Towing 

We are sure that you have seen those warning bars that decorate the entrances of most parking garages that want of low clearance, but towing services always pay close attention. Did you ever wonder what that warning means?

For regular drivers: It means that if your car or truck’s height is under the number listed, then you won’t have a problem navigating the parking garage to park your car.

For regular towing companies: It means that their trucks or wreakers are going to be too tall to enter the garage, and therefore won’t be able to offer you assistance inside the garage.

For Canadian Towing Service: It means we will be expecting a call from you when you need help getting your disabled car moved from inside a parking garage. Our team has a variety of solutions for every level of parking garage clearance you may come across, and we can tow your car safe from any space.

Canadian Towing Service trucks are well equipped to handle a variety of clearance levels, even as low as 6 feet. So you happen to be stuck in a parking garage, or any other structure that has a low clearance, we are here to offer cost-effective towing with no hassles.

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We're Experienced Dealing With All Possible Parking Garage Issues

Some situations that may require low clearance towing or parking garage towing specialist are:

  • A dead battery due to lack of use, or a light being left on.
  • Mechanical failure or engine damage.
  • A parked car accident
  • Tire failure, or other non-movement issues.

Has your car stopped working inside of above ground parking deck, or a below-ground parking garage? Canadian Towing Service not only provides roadside solutions for the highways, we also offer a range of parking garage and low- clearance towing services to make sure our Ottawa clients are taken care of in every situation. Canadian Towing Service has its own fleet of low clearance wreckers that are able to easily navigate height restricted parking garages or spaces. You no longer have to deal with towing companies telling you that you have to push your heavy car out of the garage before it can be towed, Canadian Towing Service low clearance trucks are the critical solution to getting your care out of a tight spot.

Here at Canadian Towing Service, we invest in the best towing equipment available, and we hire only highly trained professionals, who are continuously trained. On top of that, we keep a range of special equipment on hand that helps us move awkwardly positioned vehicles such as GoJack’s and other towing implements. Rest assured that when you call us, we can rescue any vehicle from any spot, so if you can get it in there, we can surely get it out. Give us a call today if you need help getting out of a tight spot!

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