Affordable Montreal to Ottawa Towing

Map of Montreal to Ottawa on Google Maps

Need a long-distance tow? YES, we do towing from Montreal to Ottawa and vice-versa! The trip between the two major Canadian cities is very common and we often get calls from customers who need a tow from one city to the next.  Ever experienced having problems in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps, your car broke…

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8 Tips to Avoid Towing Scams in Ottawa

There are Tow Truck Scams? It’s been such a problem in Ottawa that as of January 1st of this year, towing companies are now subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Protection Act of 2002. They are required to post prices clearly online, provide detailed invoices and disclose all locations. But…

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5 Reasons You May Need Roadside Assistance in Ottawa

Getting stranded can be a scary experience. When your car mysteriously stops working or you need flat tire repair, leaving you stranded on a busy highway or country back road, a roadside assistance team is great for getting you back on your way. Having road assistance with a tow truck through a towing service and…

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What is Flat Tire Repair and Do I Need It?

Getting a flat tire in Ottawa can be a real hassle. Though tires are tough and meant to withstand rough conditions, they can be punctured by road hazards like nails, sharp curbs, broken glass, and potholes. No matter what may have caused it, the result ends up the same—a mess of a tow truck, money,…

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Advice for Choosing the Right Car Towing Service

Car Towing

Unexpected car troubles such as a flat tire or empty gas tank can leave us stranded on the side of the road. When family and friends are unable to come to our rescue, we must resort to a car towing service. With our unlimited options, there are important things to consider in order to choose…

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How to Stay Safe in Ottawa While Waiting for 24 Hour Towing

Ottawa towing, Ottawa tow truck, towing Ottawa, tow truck

No one enjoys car troubles, yet they are common occurrences that happen to the best of us. Awaiting the service of a tow truck can take hours. Since we never know when our beloved vehicles will decide to give up on us it’s important to be well prepared for these unpredictable occurrences. Perhaps you have…

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What you Need to Know About Roadside Assistance

fast and secured roadside service

Have you ever accidentally locked your keys in your car? Or worse, found yourself stranded on the side of the highway with a broke down vehicle? We don’t need to tell you that these situations are no fun, but with the right planning, you can prevent each of these unfortunate events from turning into a…

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Causes That Can Lead to a Flat Tire Repair

flat tire repair

  If you’ve ever walked out to your car to find its wheel oozing over like a cracked egg, you know the frustrating feeling that can arise from a flat tire. Flat tires are one of the most common vehicle breakdowns due to the fact that they are constantly in use and vulnerable to roadside…

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Out of Gas Service

Jump Start need a jump start and are miles away from the nearest help point? give us a call and we will send our team of roadside assistance technicians on their way to come to your road side location and give you that jump start. Out of Gas Service Canadian Towing Ottawa offers a very popular…

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